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Wall Corner Bead


Input Date::[2011/1/2 20:05:25]    From:Fibtex Co.,Ltd.


Wall Corner Bead

Wall corner bead has been widely used in
all kinds of outdoor and indoor of building 
to protect the wall corner.

PVC corner mesh is molded and extruded with rigid PVC compounds and sticked or sewn with fiberglass mesh. It can be used for exterior and interior wall corner. Various sizes are available with high quality standard.

PVC corner mesh has been widely used in all kinds of outdoor and indoor of building,
major function is to protect the wall corner and anti-bumping, meanwhile save
the cost of construction, speed up the construction process.


1) Provide strong corner reinforcement for conventional plaster applications.

2) Easy installation.

3) Forms a continuous true, strong and straight external plaster corner

Fiberglass mesh:5x5mm,160g/m2,green colour,stiff type.

Width of PVC bead:2.0m or 2.5m

Package:50 piece per bag.


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