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50.What are the Advantages of Fiberglass Front Doors?


Input Date::[2010/12/27 18:18:06]    From:Fibtex Co.,Ltd.


There are several advantages to choosing a fiberglass front door over a wood or steel front door. Fiberglass front doors are known for their attractiveness, security, weather resistance, affordability and durability. Many home repair experts recommend fiberglass front doors as the best choice for the average homeowner. With a fiberglass door, you will never have the problem of being unable to open your front door after a heavy storm because it has warped or swollen.

Some homeowners prefer the look of real wood, but they are subject to warping, rotting and problems with the finish. A fiberglass door will have none of these problems. Fiberglass front doors mimic the look of wood and can be stained to match a variety of wood finishes. Fiberglass front doors are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes. They require very little maintenance to keep them looking new, and show less wear and tear over time than a steel door.

Fiberglass front doors are good at keeping out heavy rains, and their weather resistance and durability makes them especially good choices in areas with humid or harsh climates. Fiberglass front doors have a higher energy efficiency rating than wood doors, but the difference is negligible since most energy loss occurs through cracks and poor weatherizing around the door, rather than through the door itself.

A fiberglass front door is more secure than the average wood door. While all doors will fail if enough pressure is applied around the area of the lock and strike plate, the typical fiberglass door will stand up better to battering. Fiberglass front doors are also affordable. A basic door that is three feet wide and six feet eight inches tall costs about two hundred U.S. dollars. Most fiberglass front doors come with long warranties. It is important to remember that front doors come without hardware, and hardware costs the same regardless of the price of the door itself. A “door system” includes hardware and may include other accessories, such as side panels.

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