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42.What Are the Different Types of Clear Fiberglass Adhesive


Input Date::[2010/12/31 8:54:43]    From:Fibtex Co.,Ltd.

Epoxy glue includes two components that must be blended together before application. Most epoxies dry fast and some companies even market epoxy glues that dry within five minutes. Similar to clay, it is flexible until it completely dries so it can be bent and molded into the right shape. Epoxy glues work well in filling in cracks since the glue is relatively easy to work with. Users typically should wear gloves when dealing with this type of clear adhesive as it is not water-based and sticks readily to the skin.

Liquid Nails® is a permanent sealant that usually comes in a tube and can be used for heavy duty projects, including construction. Sunlight does not cause it to discolor so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is recommended for use with concrete, wood, particle board,
fiberglass, metal, porcelain, ceramics, foam, and most types of plastic. Though it resists water penetration, it is generally not recommend that this glue be used below any waterline, such as inside a tub or pool.

Some projects require the use of a laminating adhesive which is a clear, plastic coating. The solvent-based type is durable, resistant to extreme weather, and is unlikely to curl over time. The water-based kind is less flammable than the solvent-based type and generally is less expensive. Many bigger businesses use laminating machines to apply clear adhesive, but individuals and small businesses often prefer the do-it-yourself kind. There are laminate adhesives that one can spray on, brush on, or stick on.

To mount lightweight products such as paper, a spray-on clear adhesive can be the best solution. It typically comes in a can and will not wrinkle or bleed through paper. Though it can be moved slightly for perfect positioning while still wet, it becomes permanent when dry.
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